FOOD, Japan

Late Night Cravings, Finals Week Edition


It’s 4:31 because America (except Hawai’i, Arizona, and US territories) lost an hour to daylight savings time when I needed it the most–during finals week.

I’m currently writing a paper on the championed ideas of ~perpetual peace~ and ~right to sovereignty~ in relation to the anti-base relocation controversy in Henoko, Okinawa. Of course I write about Okinawa. Once you get me talking about Okinawa I will never stop. Same thing with talking about my experiences studying abroad in Tokyo–I can run my mouth about my experiences and stories all day, all night.

That said, I’m craving ソーキそば (soki soba), a popular ramen dish in Okinawa. The texture of the noodles are softer, flatter, thicker, and more chewy than standard noodles. It’s standard to have sliced pork belly or pork ribs since pigs are highly revered and consumed in Okinawan culinary culture. The broth tastes light, complementing the noodles and pork toppings. When I ate this last June, my heart swooned.

I should really get back to my paper. It’s due in less than 8 hours and I have a Skype interview scheduled at 11:00. #priorities